This little tree is trying his darndest to not lose his leaves.
It's week four of graduate school. Or maybe week five? They're all running together.

It's hard. It's really, really hard. Harder than anything I've ever done, by far. Ten to fifteen hour days, every day. Minimal time with William and the pups. Thank goodness for my wonderful classmates, who help me find humor in our situation every day.

However! I am not going to whine and moan because a) no one wants to hear it and b) I chose this. I chose one of the hardest schools in the country, and I am attending voluntarily. Therefore, I only have myself to blame.

By far, what I miss the most is creativity. I have very little time to do what I love, and my goal right now is to make time for it. So, hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll get to show you what I'm making with this.gorgeous.yarn.